Painting Experiment #1 – Sundown

This is a sort of year-in review for me. I had three primary goals with this piece:

A) Have as much fun as I can; no restrictions.
B) Identify my strengths, weaknesses, & get a good feel for what stylistic choices work and don’t.
C) Finish a piece.

This piece took about 3.5 hours to make in Krita and it’s easily one of my favorites.

I’ve been reading off of composition books to get a better grip on technique for framing a story. This piece had a pretty basic setup but it was effective for a starting point.

One of the time hang ups of this piece was lack of planning for the elements like the depth of each element, and how each element would look. I just knew I wanted my usual nature & trees, clouds, and an attempt at a cityscape.

The cloud is much nicer than my usual clouds in form but it lacks from having a nice misty & fluffy look to it. Looks more solid to me. The reflection in the water came out relatively decent though so I’m proud of that.

The cityscape I’m actually pretty happy with though I know I could do some more to tighten up the look and feel of it.

The park and forest area where the main character is could use better definition and/or separation in the planes but overall I like the lack of detail in most of the areas since it puts the focus onto the character.

The character is probably one of my better realized forms but it lacks detail and definition in certain areas that I feel like I could have pushed more. Also, I’m a little too fond of the behind the shoulder shot so I don’t get to show expression of the character beyond their body language.

Went overboard with the highlights in some spots but they aren’t something I’ve pushed before so in this painting I wanted to go a little nuts. You’ll notice the rock off to the side must have a very shiny vein of metal cutting through it and it only distracts from the rest of the piece.

I’m torn between liking and not liking the blue flowers since they add a neat level of depth to the piece but they are kind of distracting from the main character.

I notice also that foregoing traditional frames I like to open up my canvas a bit and let the mess off the side become this sort of wreath that envelopes my paintings rather than just let it be a clean cut. I’ll probably continue doing this but I will put some attention into going without it for the next one to see what sort of difference it makes.

Either way I enjoyed making it. I love the way the colors turned out without having to do too much post-processing and I’m starting to understand composition and values a lot better than I have been so overall I consider this piece a success.

On to the next one!



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